Carte de la Corse
Hôtel du Tourisme ** , Address: Acqua di Maria,  20132 Zicavo,  France

Telephone: +33 (0) 495 24 40 06

For all inquiries or reservations,
as far as it is possible, KINDLY CONTACT US BY TELEPHONE.
No English is spoken at the hotel.


Zicavo is situated 55 kilometres due east of Ajaccio
(approximately one hour) by the RN196 then the RD83 and the RD757A.

The village is also on the RD69 between Vivario and Sartene.

Ramblers along the GR20 hiking trail will be interested to note that for extra stores or in case of unfavorable weather, Zicavo can be reached by a feeder path which leaves the GR20 at the Bocca di l'Agnone bringing you in 4 hours to the village of Zicavo.