The restaurant

Our restaurant premises are situated close to the entrance to the hotel and there is also seating on a small terrace. From the restaurant itself, you will have a wide view over part of the village and the valley.

All meals as well as breakfasts are served here.

Open all year round.

Traditional home cooking, with recipes handed down from mother to daughter for many decades:

  • Corsican soup with vegetables from our own garden,
  • Smoked pork products made by us during the winter months from our own pigs, which are reared in the mountains according to ancestral methods,
  • Courgette flower fritters,
  • Cannelloni stuffed with brucciu (in season) served with a tomato sauce,
  • Lasagne with brucciu (in season) or meat,
  • Vegetables stuffed with meat,
  • "Soissons" beans prepared with panzetta and Corsican sausage,
  • Roast kid,
  • Veal tripe according to aunt Simone's recipe,
  • Veal stew with olives served with maize polenta,
  • Snails, Corsican style,
  • Sucking pig.

  • Custard flan made with fresh eggs,
  • Tiramisu, tiramisu with nutella, tiramisu with strawberries,
  • Fiadonu (Corsican cheesecake),
  • Tasso chestnut flour cake,
  • Chestnut flour fritters,
  • Floating island.